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From AshevilleLETS

Version 1.0
Adopted 9/18/2006

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Asheville LETS is a not-for-profit system of credit designed to enhance the lives of its members and build trust-based relationships within the community. As such, Asheville LETS will never charge interest or generate profit from its membership.

Community Empowerment

Asheville LETS is operated by and for the benefit of its members and the greater-Asheville community. As such, the network utilizes a formalized consensus decision-making process in which each member is granted equal voice in determining the policy and direction of the network. This consensus process empowers individual participation in Asheville LETS, serving as a model for collective decision-making in the broader community.

Local Independence

Asheville LETS seeks economic and ecological sustainability through regional self-sufficiency and independence. Therefore, it will never be controlled or funded by external political or economic structures. As a localized system, Asheville LETS returns to the community it draws from, lessens dependence on imported goods and limits the export of resources.

Voluntary Association

Asheville LETS is a network built on freedom of association, with each member’s participation resting solely on his or her desire to engage. No one shall be required to accept Asheville LETS under coercion and each member may choose to regulate her or his own level of involvement in the system.

Equitable Exchange

Asheville LETS facilitates the equitable exchange of its members’ skills and goods, including those which have been traditionally undervalued. Exchanges are made for the mutual benefit of members, value being determined by labor and skill rather than profit. Membership is limited to individuals, families, and collectives as their hard work forms the true wealth of our community.